Johannes Melcher

After years of work in the political sphere, encompassing roles as a press spokesperson, strategic communication, and political consultancy, Johannes moved to Kyiv, Ukraine in 2021. Now he is responsible for public relations at Austausch.


Memorial candles, picture by anncapictures@pixabay CC0-License

The Terror Attack in Russia as a Symptom of a Complex Crisis and Perspectives on Coping

Last Saturday, a terrible terrorist attack took place in Russia. In the following article, we aim to elucidate some background: Why have Central Asians increasingly been involved in terrorist activities in recent years? What are the causes of Islamist radicalization? Why do some of the causes lie within Russia itself? And what can civil society do about it when politics fails to take adequate measures or none at all? And what do we as Austausch to fight against the causes of Islamist radicalization?

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