Conference "Strengthening the Involvement of Civil Society in Ukraine’s Green Reconstruction" |

Strengthening the Involvement of Civil Society in Ukraine’s Green Reconstruction

In July 2022, the Ukraine’s Recovery Plan was formulated and published at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano. The plan assigns a rather declarative role to civil society participation in the reconstruction process. On the contrary, we believe that civil society should play a meaningful and operational role in Ukraine's recovery. To ensure sustainable and climate-friendly development, civil society must actively be engaged. Furthermore, precisely this is already demanded by 159 European and Ukrainian civil society organisations.

How can local initiatives be more involved in the reconstruction process? Which paths have already been uncovered in Ukraine for this purpose? And what pitfalls are likely to be encountered?

The online conference will present European and Ukrainian experiences of structural change and socio-ecological transformation and discuss the challenge of shaping sustainable development processes. Representatives from environmental NGOs, scientists and representatives from the state and politics will share their experiences in this field. The aim of this conference is to establish dialogue between political and civil society and to lay out the necessary steps for Green Reconstruction during and after the war in Ukraine.

To register, please fill in the registration form until December 5, 2022, here.

The zoom link will be provided one day before the conference. Please read the drafted agenda on the second page. Conference languages are English and Ukrainian.

More about the project please read here: ”Structural Change in Ukraine towards Sustainability”


Ort: Online-Konferenz über Zoom