How children and young people in Germany and Russia experience the Covid 19 pandemic



Or: “Influencers´“ story

We still know not enough about how children and young people cope with the Corona crisis, how the restrictions affect them and how they perceive the isolation. But we can assume (and to some extent we do know) that in the lockdown they miss their friends, school, and the usual daily structures - that in some families they even experience (more) suffering and violence. What is this situation like in Germany? How is it in Russia? What are the similarities and differences? What do the children and young people themselves have to say?

The audiovisual project "Stay Home" is dedicated to these questions. It uses interviews, creative workshops, and conversations to make visible the feelings, reactions and ways of processing the pandemic situation of children and young people in Germany and at the same time promotes intercultural dialogue between Germany and Russia.

Several short animated films have been produced based on the material from the creative workshops. The clips will only be published after the big film premiere! On behalf of the DRJA Foundation, ATELIER film mobil also made a half-hour film about the workshops, the online encounters, and the creative results.

The DRA has withdrawn all measures and cooperation in Russia on the 26th of May. Find out more HERE.

Project management: DRA e.V.

Concept, artistic direction: artists' collective ATELIER-film-mobil

Duration: 13 July 2020 - 31 December 2020


What was released in the project "Stay Home":

- Starting point were already filmed interviews with children and young people from both countries on how they experience the pandemic.

- A creative workshop with 13 children and young people took place in Berlin from 20-24 July 2020. With drawn, painted, crafted and modelled drafts for texts, characters and storyboards for animated films on the topic of "Covid-19", they reacted to the interview material of their peers from Russia and at the same time expressed their own feelings.

- A meeting between the young participants from Germany and Russia followed on 16.09.2020 - corona online!

- The creative workshop in Russia, which also included the interviews with German children and young people, was held from 6-9 October 2020.

- On 09.10.2020 there was another online meeting of the children and young people from both countries.

- Currently, the final production of the animated films is taking place!


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