Social non-governmental organizations in the Gomel region

In December 2014 DRA started to work on a new project in Belarus, which was conducted jointly with the NGO »Soziale Projekte« ( Social Projects) in Gomel.

The aim of the 15-month project was to create a long-term partnership and associations among the social non-governmental organizations in the region. Their union creates an opportunity to gather and accumulate the skills and capacities of the association members and, thus, improve the efficiency of their work and qualifications of their staff.

Training workshops have been scheduled, as well as the development of a joint public relations strategy and implementation of pilot projects. As a result of these efforts social problems will meet their solutions and the quality of life in the Gomel region will improve.

DRA provides a professional counselling to the Belarusian partner and an administrative support to the project.

The project is carried out in the framework of the "Support Belarus Programme", initiated by the IBB Dortmund Center and funded by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Partner: NGO "Social Projects" in Gomel (Belarus):

"Social Projects" in Gomel

German-Russian Exchange works closely with the established in 2001 in Gomel a non-governmental organization "Social Projects". It finances the development of civil society and arranges social events and educational activities for socially disadvantaged layers of the population. This organization supports initiatives to develop local associations and self-help groups, promotes volunteer projects, initiates programs for children and young people, actively participates in the life-long learning process and works with people of different generations. From 2006 to 2009, the DRA together with the organization "Social Projects" created a volunteer agency Freiwilligenagentur in Gomel, which since then regularly supports German volunteers. The joint project "Seniors for seniors» (Ältere für Ältere), launched in 2009, had its goal to improve the living conditions of elderly people in the Gomel region.