Transition Dialogue: Digital formats and regional Events

In the Transition Dialogue project coordinated by the DRA e.V., the year 2021 will focus on digital learning formats on the topic of post-communist transformation in Eastern Europe. So far, a virtual walk through Sofia (Bulgaria) has been created as a mini-series, a short film on the topic of transformation and education in Russia and a podcast series on topics such as "Crime and Punishment" and "Winners and Losers of Transition". 

During the international conference “Rethinking the Democratic Future: Lessons from the 20th Century” hold April 26-28, Bulgarian and Lithuanian experts of the Transition Dialogue Network discussed the challenges of transformation in formal and non-formal education

In addition, expert discussions with insights into the current Croatian discourse took place. The international discussion of a new learning module on economic transformation (based on the example of tourism in former Yugoslavia and Croatia) has shown that this important topic has been insufficiently taught not only in Croatia so far. 

In addition, a group of experts from seven Eastern European countries is currently working on a handbook on civic education "Teaching Transition", which will be published here at the end of 2021. 

The project "Transition Dialogue 2019-2021. Dealing with Change in Democratic Ways." is implemented with the kind support of the Federal Agency for civic education (bpb).

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