Austausch stays with Ukraine

Numerous projects of Austausch are dedicated to support of Ukrainians who flew or stayed within the country, we're there by their side during all those unbelievably terrifying days of year and a half (just think about it)!

On this particular day, August 24th, 1991 Ukraine took a monumental step towards its future. After the the Soviet coup d'état attempt of the 18-21st August, the Ukrainian SSR parliament adopted the Act of Declaration of Independence, setting the stage for Ukraine's reestablished statehood. From 17th September, the nation was to be known solely as Ukraine.

Signifying a move towards autonomy, the communist Supreme Soviet of Ukraine decided to exclusively follow the laws of the Ukrainian SSR, distancing itself from the USSR. Later in December, the people spoke: with over 90% casting their vote in favor of independence.

Today, we remember and honor that pivotal moment when Ukraine began its journey to independence and democracy.

Please join us on the Demo that is organised by Vitsche Berlin! Let's show together our support and compassion!

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