Move on Together!

For a Stronger Child and Youth Participation in Eastern Europe

Since 2015, the DRA-Project “Move on Together!” has been promoting civil society engagement and the political participation of young people in the countries of Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia.

Together with its international partners, the DRA has launched a project to provide Ukrainian, Russian and Georgian youth education professionals with participatory and action-oriented approaches to civic education, thereby improving participation opportunities for children and adolescents. At the same time, we are also working to network “multipliers” (professionals with considerable leverage, skills, and expertise) of youth work from the participating regions and countries, thereby contributing to the reduction of tensions, especially between peoples and individual ethnic groups.

Who is the project for?

Participants involved in our project are:

  • Children and adolescents from the Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia under the age of 18 participating in the youth elections and the Kiev Youth Forum.
  • Coordinators inside Russia, Georgia, and the Ukraine that are participating in these educational measures and the construction of coordination centers in the regions of the three project countries.
  • Multipliers from the field of youth education and regions of the project countries who, together with young people, are testing the project’s methodological manual for political youth education;
  • Young people from a model region of Ukraine who are involved in the implementation of the label "Youth Friendly City" (YFC), as well as youth organizations, who benefit from the results of the "YFC" and the subsequent changes on the ground.

How do we do this?

Together with our project partners, we develop structures and methods, and offer qualification opportunities for multipliers of non-formal education in the field of democracy building. In this context, we use the format of youth elections. Years of experience show that the format of the elections for children and young people under the age of 18 is a tried and tested format for getting children and young people involved in politics and encourages self-determined opinions. Together with our partners, we work together on the design of the format, which has now developed its own specificity in the project countries. The format (which the DRA successfully implemented with its partners in 2015 and 2016 in the Ukraine, Russia and Georgia) is also currently being developed in terms of content and methodology, and is being transferred to other regions of our project countries.

Methodological Handbook for Political Youth Education

A team of project country representatives is developing a methodological manual for non-formal education in the field of political youth education. The methodological handbook is intended to include interactive, non-formal, and extracurricular political youth education methods and practices from Germany, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia. It will be published in parallel in four languages (Ukrainian, Russian, Georgian, and German). The creation of the handbook is done in coordination with the multipliers of the respective project countries. One of the focal points of the methodological handbook is the participation in the youth elections. It is also planned that children and adolescents will design and realize their own project in the field of civic engagement in the classroom.

Youth Forum Kyiv

In October 2016, the Kyiv Youth Forum was held for the first time in the Kyiv City Parliament in cooperation with the Kyiv Department of Education, Science, Youth and Sports. The goal is to establish the format as an exchange and presentation platform for the future and to provide incentives for a stronger dialogue between youth and representatives of politics and administration.

The following measures are being conducted:

  • accessible cultural offerings for children and adolescents to deal with their environment (e.g. hip-hop, rap);
  • presentation of existing participation projects in the Ukrainian regions;
  • workshops on "Participation and Youth Participation";
  • presentation of offers for Ukrainian and international NGOs and their offers for Ukrainian teenagers;
  • a dialogue forum titled: "Youth and Politics" in the form of a round table discussion.

"Youth Friendly City" in Ukraine

Another important aspect of the project is the development of strategies for greater involvement of regional youth organizations in the context of Ukraine's decentralization. The regional youth association work in Ukraine is to be further developed. In cooperation with the National Youth Council Ukraine, we are conducting an evaluation of the current youth policy situation together with young people in a model region of Ukraine. This is done in the format of a joint analysis of the situation of young people, youth policy, and the opportunities for youth participation on the ground.

Contact Persons are:

Roman Elsner
Tel: +49 (0) 30 446 680 25

Irina Bukharkina
Tel: +49 (0) 30 446 680 29

Nora Korte
Tel: +49 (0) 30 446 680 29


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Information Pages

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Official Sources (all publications are in Ukrainian):

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Video Material:

  1. Video-Message: Forum "M18: Move on Together!" - Study U.P - 13.10.2017 (in Ukrainian)
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More information the project can be found on the M18 website in Ukrainian, Georgian and Russian languages, as well as VKontakte (in Ukrainian). Information in German is also available on DRA page on Facebook.

The project is funded by the Federal Foreign Office, the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth, and Science, and the German Parity Welfare Association, Landesverband Berlin e.V.