How can we strengthen the relationships between Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other Eastern European Countries? How can we improve their dialogue and cooperation? Share you own vision with us and become a member of the German-Russian Exchange! We are pleased to welcome new members interested in supporting and shaping our work.

We are a membership-based organization. As a member you are able to:

  • Be directly involved in relevant decisions discussed during our biannual meeting
  • Contribute to our working groups
  • Receive direct contact to our partners and experts in Russia, Germany and other countries
  • Organize your own activities with our support covering our topics around Eastern Europe or others in consultation with our board or manager
  • Get to know new colleagues and friends while profiting from our and our partners network.

Additionally our members receive:

  • A regular update of our internal information and activities as well as general topics
  • Direct invitation to events hosted by us or our partners



If you want to lend us particular support you can also become a sponsoring member. You are free to choose your own annual contribution amount.

The annual membership fee is €60 or €30 for students, trainees, apprentices, unemployed or other low-income earners.

We kindly ask you to provide us with a direct credit authorization to reduce our administrative expenses. You can revoke the authorization at any time.

Depending on the time of admission, the fee is collected pro rata.

100% in the first quarter
75% in the second quarter
50% in the third quarter
25% in the fourth quarter

If possible, use your new SEPA account details. Otherwise, use your regular account details (account number and bank code).

Please consult us if you want to transfer the fee on your own or split it individually.

We are looking forward to meeting you and further develop our work with your support!