Leaders go Civil Society

You bear responsibility in business, politics, research and science, in the administrative, educational, cultural or social sector? You want to get to know key civil society organizations in Eastern Europe or Germany and learn how they work? You want to meet non-governmental sector leaders and gain insight into current issues, concerns and projects? You want to get involved, are looking for advice or either want to develop your own programs or support those of others?

With more than 20 years of working experience, German-Russian Exchange (DRA) Berlin and its partner organization DRA St. Petersburg offer unique networks for civil society actors in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany and other European countries. One of its main purposes is the promotion and establishment of contacts between civil society and other societal sectors.

DRA has been for many years opening new doors and ways for the decision makers and peer educators (see also section "Expertise").

Under the motto "Leaders go Civil Society" DRA offers these groups among other things the organization of visits and study tours for politicians, business officials, members of parliament , experts from academics and social work, foundations, officials of religious communities and artists. This is possible, as required, both in the form of regular programs or series of events as well as groups or individual participants.

For several consecutive years in cooperation with the business network "Baden-Baden Business Talks" (BBUG) it is bringing together high-profile as well as middle class companies with prominent leaders of the Russian social sector for several days on trips to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

DRA was 2014 partner of German Bundestag for the preparation of the official annual youth trip on grounds of the 70th anniversary of the end of the Siege of Leningrad with focus on research by civil society actors and the public for overcoming the historical trauma.

2011, DRA paved the way for senior representatives of Russian Orthodox Church for a conference and study tour to Germany. On this request, DRA established contacts with German welfare associations and other relevant societal organizations.

Make use of these and other experiences for your new discoveries. Please contact us with your concerns, needs, issues and ideas. We will gladly find with you a format that opens up your way to civil society actors.


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