The protection of the environment and the climate is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. It requires international cooperation on every level. Therefore, the DRA has been pursuing environmental projects in Post-Soviet countries for over 20 years. These countries are especially vulnerable to climate change: Global warming leads to a rapid thawing of permafrost. This not only leads to releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases but threatens the infrastructure of entire cities to literally sink into the ground. Further consequences of climate change are violent wildfires and droughts, destroying entire regions. This trend limits the prospects of people from rural areas who depend on natural resources and are increasingly migrating to larger population centers.  

Together with our partners we are committed to a socio-ecological transformation in the East and West. At the core of this work stands the question of how the ecological transformation can be achieved in a socially just and democratic manner. This question is of particular importance in the Post-Soviet area, as many countries economically depend on the export of raw materials. Consequently, the environment suffers extensive damage and destruction. Poor access to environmental information for the public and the lack of trained specialists with environmental expertise in the region are also exacerbating the situation. Through cooperation with civil society initiatives, NGOs, politicians and journalists, we want to contribute to solving these questions and learn from each other.